Spec Seats provided approximately 24,000 folding chairs for the NCAA Basketball Regional Sites (14,000 chairs at Ford Field in Detroit/10,000 chairs at Reliant Stadium in Houston). Says Jordan Hergott of Spec Seats: "When the company realized the scope of the NCAA seating system requirements and what the NCAA wanted to accomplish - this opportunity and challenge was exactly what the Hergott family's experience can resolve. "Briefly, the new NCAA Seating System used Spec Seats' recently developed ArcBac Series Folding Chair at several key NCAA Basketball Tournament sites. These are the only folding chairs that can be easily adapted from an 18.25" (on center) configuration to a 20" (on center) depending on the specific venue/seating requirements. A special removable chair ganging spacer bracket was designed to easily increase and/or decrease the chair width spacing. Every venue has different seating applications - from sight line issues - front to back dimension restrictions - chair on center requirements; so a multi-purpose seating system must be modified and designed specifically to handle most applications for the benefit of the customer. "Even though they are portable folding chairs - this configuration is designed to blend in with the facility with the appearance that the seating sections are fixed seats and not give the look of temporary seats. "Also, new storage chair carts were designed to stack two carts high and fit easily inside a semi-tractor trailer truck. They required a storage/handling system that was easy, quick, and safe to load/unload - store in a minimal space (stack carts 4-high) - protect the chairs during transport from event site to storage facility. "A special movable portable seating system was required by the NCAA and this is the very first complete system designed for Dome (site) Stadium/Final Four - (spectator) witnessing the college fan/student and (replicating) the total campus atmosphere and excitement level."








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