Designing and Manufacturing ECO-FRIENDLY Furniture.

We recognize and accept our responsibility to safeguard human health, preserve natural resources and protect the environment through sustainable furniture manufacturing whenever and wherever possible. Our Environmental Quality Policy includes sustainability efforts during each stage of our custom seating creation process:

A. Manufacturing Process – At Spec Seats, we make sure that our manufacturing process reduces or eliminates the impact on the environment by consistently striving to make our manufacturing facilities more environmentally friendly. We are on an ongoing mission to conserve energy, fuel and water while improving air quality in the plant, reducing waste, recycling our scrap metals and materials, and increasing the use of recycled content.


B. Material Selection – We use renewable and recyclable quality materials in all our products and make a comprehensive effort to utilize sustainable practices and standards in our vendor selection. In order to provide our customers with safe, eco-friendly sports seating and professional seating solutions, we hold our suppliers to the highest standards, which include the following: elimination of solvent-based materials, use of a high percentage of recycled content, reduced use of packaging materials and conservation of fuel consumption and energy whenever possible. In addition to these efforts, we foster relationships with suppliers who are also involved in environmental improvements.

C. Product Development/Design – Spec Seats manufactures with longevity in mind (our 25-year limited metal frame warranty attests to our faith in our products). We use recyclable components to make our products easy to disassemble, repair or recycle. We are implementing a more stringent ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System for our manufacturing facilities and related company areas. This certification ensures that Spec Seats’ products are manufactured and designed with environmental sustainability in mind. Our ultimate goal centers on resource conservation—waste reduction, recycling and efficiency, which involves continuous awareness and improvement from team members.

D. Integration of Sustainability Concerns – We integrate sustainability concerns into our work culture/stewardship and comply with environmental guidelines. We support and participate with various environmental organizations and continue to develop a better understanding of the environmental issues affecting other manufacturers in our industry while assessing our sustainable efforts/performance in a more positive role. At Spec Seats, learning more about sustainability is a personal matter that we share with our families and our communities in order to continue efforts that protect the future environmental cycle.





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